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Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Tuesday 31st October 2017 in the Bank House

Present: Simon Ellin, Jane Garner, Alan Hartley, Mark Connell, Karen Appleton, Rose Jones Joe Craen

10.17.1 Apologies:
Chris Hilton, Barry Williams 

10.17.2 Minutes of previous meetings and matters arising.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 29th August 2017 were approved by the committee and signed by the Chairman.
Weedkilling This should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but it was far too wet.
Hedge - The hedge by the gate needs trimming because it is now difficult to hold the gate back. 

10.17.3 Financial report.
Account balance - 2,053.89 (13th October 2017) which includes donations towards the rail disaster memorial. 248.00 has been paid from this for the two brass plaques. It had been suggested that a separate account be set up for the Memorial Fund, as there will be money left over which will be needed for on-going maintenance. However, this is proving to be very complicated and will be discussed at the next Memorial meeting (9th November). Income from new tenants will be put into a contingency fund, as discussed at the AGM. 

10.17.4 Rail Crash Memorial.
The plaques have been delivered and one has been taken to the stonemasons. The stone and plaque will be installed in the week after Christmas. The company who manage the bridge (Amey) have refused permission for the plaque to be fixed to the structure of the bridge. Mark has been in touch with the Councy Councillor who will contact Amey and discuss the issue. Joe has also found an adhesive which could be used to secure the plaque to the bridge, without affecting the structure. NARPO have been contacted and 5 people who were involved with the incident have been in touch. They will be invited to the unveiling. Joe has written an article for the next Compass. Posters will be put in the church before Christmas, and around the village in the days before the event. The Bank House have agreed to provide a buffet and Joe is waiting for a price. He is also hoping to get a reduction in the price of a room at the Dog and Doublet for Janet Hopkins, who has agreed to unveil the plaque. 

10.17.5 Vacant plots and actions.
There are now only three vacant plots and one of these has been reserved by someone for February. There are now 3 tenants from Weston. 

10.17.6 New Tenancy Agreements.
Simon has drafted a new tenancy agreement which was discussed and agreed with a few minor changes. He will finalise the draft before taking it to the PC. There was some discussion about Glyphosate which is being withdrawn as a systemic weed killer. Karen agreed to find out more. SE

10.17.7 Composting and rats.
Ian Hughes (Pest Control Officer) has been to the site several times because of the amount of rat activity in and around the compost bays. He says that rats are being attracted by the vegetable matter put into the compost and so Jane will again write to plot holders asking them not to put such items into the compost. There is also rubbish accumulating at the bottom of the site and Jane will ask people to take their rubbish home. She will also speak to John Martin and check that he is still happy to take uncompostable material away. JG

10.17.8 AOB.
Payment dispute
It was agreed that there will probably have to be an EGM to ratify the charging structure from 2015/6, but Simon will discuss the issue with the Parish Councillors when he presents the new tenancy agreement. This will now have to be in December as he is away for most of November. Simon will contact the Councillors to agree a date. SE

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